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Fists in Solidarity

About Us

Pragmatic. Family run. Passionate.

We never forget that your investment in us is an investment in your business.

Introducing the team...

...not forgetting our skilled team of contractors

We are fortunate to have fantastic, trusted contractors who join us for set up and break down at events, or with large showroom builds.


Chosen for their experience, skills....and sense of humour.. they are excellent at what they do and share our values too.

They are each a valued and integral part of our team.

ProVis Events team working


When you work with us, our values aren't just words.

They are woven into everything we do because they genuinely matter to us.

Action it

We take responsibility as we are motivated to do the right thing. Every time.

Be Solution Focused

We're adaptable, creative, innovative and target solutions. 

Stand Out

The products we build, the services we offer and the strengths of  individuals. We know our weaknesses and we maximise our strengths.

Share Everything

Our ideas and our opinions. We share challenges together and the benefits of successes.

Offer the best price. The first time. Every time.

We create meaningful, long-lasting and trusted relationships.

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