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In Store Promo Space by Provis Events

Brand Activation

Creating a stunning area that excites your customers and beautifully showcases your brand.

You can leave it to us.

Sharing concepts and ideas, utilising knowledge of how venues operate, and our experience in collaborating with venue organisers, means we can work with you to be creative whilst maintaining the requirement to work as effectively and efficiently as possible during installation.

Promoting, with our partners, the use of high tech visual solutions like hologrammatic visuals, augmented and virtual reality, and LED walls also means we are skilled in creating experiential environments that maximise engagement.

The ProVis approach:



Explore your goals with us and we'll impart our knowledge and creativity to support you in achieving them.



We'll work with you on a rendered 3D design, and animation, to ensure it drives the impact you want, before sign off.



We will liaise with store managers and shopping centre co-ordinators to gain access and ensure all health and safety requirements are met.  



Ensuring installation is completed whilst always maintaining high quality finishes - often within restricted windows of opportunity - is our speciality. 

3D Graphic of Exhibition Stand by ProVis Events

3D Animation

Seeing your solutions in a 3D animation will give you a truer representation of how your space would look.

You are invited to be fully involved in the process, adapting the designs with us in person or during virtual meetings, until you are completely happy with every detail.

We are always mindful of the practicalities behind an amazing design.

We will make sure that all materials we use comply with necessary fire ratings and meet any other Health & Safety guidelines set out in your business’s insurance policy, as well as the venue’s.

Showroom designed and built by ProVis Events

Some of our work..

"The brain can see images that last for just 13 milliseconds."

Visual Teaching Alliance

Explore your activation with us.

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