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Bizerba Innovative Space designed by ProVis Events

Innovative Spaces

Maximising the latest visual technology for the ultimate attention-stealing wow factor.

Collaborating with trusted, cutting edge partners, we can support you to inject your exhibition or event space with an attention-grabbing experience.


Maximising the use of visual technology such as hologrammatic visuals, augmented reality, virtual reality and projection mapping supports greater brand engagement and communication with your potential customers.

Showroom designed by ProVis Events


Tap into visually engaging marketing tools, with our support to guide you in what can be achieved.


Offering practical and creative input whilst collborating with our partners, we can deliver your concept. 

Smoothly linking these stunning graphic and interactive elements to the rest of your stand, is an important element, often overlooked, but which means you can receive a cohesive presentation of your products and services.

In Store Promo Space designed by ProVis Events
"Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the
brain than text!"

Visual Teaching Alliance

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